Magic Streams acknowledges the importance of the security regarding Personal Data Protection, as well as electronic transactions and has taken all necessary precautions with the use of the latest methods in order to get the best possible security. All the information you provide is safe and confidential.
In order to secure your personal date, MagicStreams uses SSL technology (Secure Sockets Layer). SSL is considered to be the most reliable medium for safe transactions through the internet on a worldwide basis. With the use of this technology, all information you provide in our site is coded before it gets online and then the authenticity of the message and the server is checked.
SSL come out at 2 types, 40-bit and 128-bit. The larger the number og bits, the harder it is for the coded message to be penetrated. We use SSL 128-bit, which is a billion times safer than the 40-bit. Magic Streams also has digital certificate of security provided by Thawte, an world wide recognized provider of secure transactions and data transmissions on the internet. συναλλαγών και δεδομένων μέσω internet. With Comodo, each time you enter a site in which a transaction is going to be made or personal information is going to be transmitted, a small lock is shown on the right hand side of the bottom of your screen certifying that the transaction is secured.

Customer Recognition

The codes used so that you are identified are two: Username and the Password, which when ever used they provide you with full security to the area where your personal information is published. It also gives you the chance to modify your password whenever you want. You are the only person that has access to this information with the use of the pre-mentioned codes; therefore make sure that these codes are not given to third parties. In case you lose this information, you must immediately come in contact with Magic Streams, owner of Magic Streams, otherwise we will not be held responsible in case of any miss use. Magic Streams does not hand out in any way the personal information you have trusted us with. Your personal information with which you have provided us with is totally used by us in order to complete your transactions. All the information is encrypted and kept in a totally secure manner.

Guarantee the transmission of Private and Personal Information

Due to privacy policy followed by our company we use the code protocol SSL-128bit. The system has been certified by Comodo, which specializes in secure transactions.

Monitored Access (firewall)

All access in Magic Streams systems are monitored by a firewall which allows only certain services too be used by our customers/visitors not allowing them to have access in databases and restricted areas.


During your online session with electronic store, all the information, along with your personal data, is coded with the use of protocol coding SSL 128-bit. Crypting is basically a way of coding the information until it reaches its destination and it is then decrypted with the use of a key. Each time you enter the electronic store all the information shared between your computer and Magic Streams is encrypted with the use of a 128 bits key. Which means that each time you send information to the system, the browser first codes them, and then it sends them to the system. The system used by Magic Streams first decrypts the information provided with the use of the same key and then it processes it. The system used by Magic Streams sends to you the information in the same cryptic manner.

Username & Password

In order to enter the electronic store, you must use the following information, Username and Password. The electronic store allows you to change your password as often as you wish and this is something that we suggest you do for security reasons and avoid using the same passwords all the time.

Privacy of Transactions

The use of privacy policy is considered to be obvious. The same basic principles used in everyday transactions are also used in e-commerce. All the information that is transferred between the customer/subscriber and Magic Streams, owner of Magic Streams are confidential and Magic Streams has taken all the necessary measures so that they are used in the fashion it should be. Some of the measure taken are...
1. Only approved employees have access to your transactions and only when that is totally needed. i.e. processing
2. MagicStreams does not reveal its customers information and their transactions unless there is a written request from you or it is requested from a court order.
3. In case Magic Streams uses third parties for hardware or software support it makes sure that your information remain totally private.
4. You can request the modifications of any information aslong as you can prove that there has been a mistake.
5. For your own protection, you will have to make sure that all the information you have are not shared with third party members and that they remain totally confidential.